Monster Hour

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Season 1: Monster of the Week

March 29, 2020


Season 1 of Monster Hour follows three unlikely heroes as they delve into the sinister mysteries and supernatural threats in the upstart town of Firmament, Colorado. Humor and horror await as the trio grapple with threats both ordinary and extraordinary in this grim-camp Monster of the Week actual play.

Season 1 Cast & Characters

Alvin (played by Kyle)
Just your regular, everyday boy next door struggling to deal with slowly becoming a monster. Alvin was a student at Firmament College before his wolfish affliction forced him to drop out. Now he spends his days making deliveries on his bicycle, shaving his fur twice a day, and occasionally going claw to claw with the forces of evil.

Constance (Played by Teo)
Constance is an aspiring artist, local tour guide, and lifelong Firmament resident. Too smart for her own good, she’s also an expert in fairytales and folklore passed down from her late grandmother – a woman whose presences still looms large over her life. Before hunting monsters, she cut her teeth fighting her parents’ attempts to intervene in her life choices.

JR (Played by Hannah)
A thief and a grifter with a penchant for pinching expensive works of art, JR is laying low in Firmament after a job that went south – and more than a little weird. With her silver tongue and magic skeleton key, nothing is ever really off-limits. An aficionado of finely tailored suits and handsome police chiefs.

The Keeper (Played by Quinn)
Your friendly narrator and voice of Firmament's many residents, from mundane to monstrous and everything in between. Purveyor of difficult choices, cliffhangers, and goofy character voices.