Monster Hour

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Episode 29 - Say No To Wishes

The hunters regroup for day two of Hullabaloo. Alvin does a muppet show. Constance reconnects with friends and family. JR is an infinite snack machine.


"Bird Whistling, A" by InspectorJ and "Spotlight Reverb" by EricSoundschmiede, creative commons license.

Episode 28 - Havoc! at the Roots Show

The crowd goes wild as the headliners take the stage. JR moshes. Constance crosses the wrong roadie. Alvin will let you stand under his umbrella.

Episode 27 - Backstage

The hunters comb the festival searching for Eve - and any clue about what the Tall Man is up to. Alvin is oddly charming. JR is not above bribery. Constance gets back to her Roots.


"Crowd Cheering Pack" by Gregor Quendel on, Creative Commons license.

Episode 26 - Candyland

The hunters face their greatest nemesis yet: a six year old child. JR she-hulks out. Alvin makes reintroductions. Constance refuses to negotiate.


Resources for taking action to support racial justice:

- If you don't know where to start, start here

- Educate yourself on anti-racism

- Donate to Black Lives Matter, mutual aid funds, and bail funds

- Look up your police contract

- Support Black creators, journalists, and voices in the RPG community


"Metal Gate" by Ahill86 on, Creative Commons license.

Episode 25 - Bison on Parade

The hunters search for the origin of the sculpture as their high speed chase goes viral. Alvin rides herd. Constance is a VIP. JR tracks a child.

Episode 24 - Bruising on Down Main Street

A new enigma makes a grand entrance in downtown Firmament as the hunters tie up loose ends left by the Tall Man. Alvin has a heart to heart. Constance has artistic envy. JR has a need for speed.

Episode 23 - A Deal’s a Deal

Our heroes plan a daring gambit to free Alvin from the clutches of the Tall Man. Constance has a gallery show. JR receives incriminating photos. Alvin circles back.

After Hours

Who doesn't remember why they picked their playbook? Which two cast members are actually married? Does Quinn know what's going to happen? Join us for a virtual fireside chat as we answer your questions about the show!

Episode 22 - The Heat

Our heroes reflect on the success of their most recent hunt. The honeymoon doesn’t last long, however, as the heat from JR’s past arrives without warning at their doorstep.

Episode 21 - The Spider and the Sly

The plan is set, the trap is laid. But will the cavalry be enough to carry the day? Who are the hunters and who are the prey?


Step into my web, says the spider to the sly.