Monster Hour

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Episode 22 - The Heat

Our heroes reflect on the success of their most recent hunt. The honeymoon doesn’t last long, however, as the heat from JR’s past arrives without warning at their doorstep.

Episode 21 - The Spider and the Sly

The plan is set, the trap is laid. But will the cavalry be enough to carry the day? Who are the hunters and who are the prey?


Step into my web, says the spider to the sly.

Episode 20 - Gone Phishing

The hunters put aside their differences to prepare for their toughest foe yet. Alvin reconnects with a helpful ally. Constance’s tinkering gets out of hand. JR calls for backup.

Episode 19 - Clicked Bait

From the dark web the lurking menace emerges. JR appreciates a good book. Alvin must learn the truth. Constance is often right, again.

Episode 18 - Unsecured Connections

The call is coming from inside the studio. Constance extols the virtues of Buffy. JR plans her big score. Alvin’s rivalry deepens.

Episode 17 - Let the Swipe Right One In

The hunters pull at loose threads as they search for the source of the strange illness. But are they prepared for what they’ll unravel? Constance does her best Sherlock. Alvin finds his perfect match. JR dreams of electric heists.

Episode 16 - Back to School

A pair of strange and deadly incidents at Firmament College interrupt the hunters’ ongoing investigations. JR tries to keep a low profile, unsuccessfully. Alvin strikes a questionable deal. Constance sees daylight.

Episode 15 - It’s a Wonderful Strife (Part 2)

It’s the thrilling conclusion to our holiday spectacular! Can our heroes contain the very festive uprising underway? JR gets frosty. Alvin sleighs it. Constance has a gift for every occasion.

Episode 14 - It’s a Wonderful Strife (Part 1)

The gang gets away for an upscale winter soirée at the Thimble Ski Resort. Can they avoid getting into trouble for once? Alvin plays a fancy gentleman. Constance makes a fashion statement. JR feels the magic of the holidays.


Featuring "Magic Christmas" by Lena Orsa, Creative Commons license.

Episode 13 - What’s Past is Prologue

Our heroes contend with the fallout from their most recent hunt. Alvin receives a surprise visit. JR opens up about her past. Constance learns more about her Buni.

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