Monster Hour

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Episode 57 - Showtime

August 31, 2021

The Daylight Society raises hell at the Unveiling as the hunters infiltrate CNL. Are they prepared for what awaits them inside?

Content warnings: supernatural horror, loss of important space, multiple load sound effects (16:45-18:00), threat of violence, armed private security, lycanthropy, allusion to nuclear weaponry; mention of civilian harm


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"Monster Hour" theme and original music by Kyle Levien:

Rock Guitar Intro 06 by TaigaSoundProd

Spy Story by WinnieTheMoog

“Knocking on the door with a fist” by tosha73,

“Door, Front, Opening, A” by InspectorJ,

"Vintage Guitar Amplifier Hum" by VlatkoBlazek,

“Screwdriver, Ratchet, C” by InspectorJ

“toolbox automobile workshop” by ruicustodio

“Power drill” by AlaskaRobotics

“Designa Factory Sounds0007” by janusnovak,

“Cannon Shot” by qubodup,

"Guitar D2 Chord" by deleted_user_5959249,

"FX - Beep bomb countdown 3" by PITCHEDsenses,