Monster Hour

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Episode 61 - The Reimagining of Auggie Vaul

October 26, 2021

The hunters enter the sphere and brave the wilds of the paracosm. Vaul’s reimagining takes shape.

Content warnings: apocalyptic themes, supernatural horror, surreality, loud sound effects (19:20, 22:50, 23:40, 27:40, 37:25, 38:00, 46:00, 46:15), simulated death


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"Monster Hour" theme and original music by Kyle Levien:

Sadness Cinematic Ambient by MusicLFiles

Waking Up in a Magical Night by MusicLFiles

Sound Effects from

"Falling Great Wall" by robinhood76

"LAUNCH (futuristic)" by C3Sabertooth

"Switch Crack" by chadwellak

"Whip Crack" by chadwellak

"Building Collapse" series 01, 02, 03, and 04 by onteca

"Car breaking skid 01" by medartimus

"Firework single rocket 1" by kinoton

"Jet-overhead" by rachaelbuchanan

"Acceleration 2" by biholao

"Crash" by eponn

"Harley Davidson Sportster idling with engine revs" by Demodave