Monster Hour

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MH Origins: Dorian Hour

December 22, 2021

At a manor in the London countryside of Victorian England, the supernatural being known as Dorian dreams a scheme far beyond the horizon of human imagination. Can he see it through to fruition - or will mortal meddling manage to ruin things once again?

Starring special guest Cap from Shrimp and Crits as Dorian, the Spooktacular.

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"Monster Hour" and "It's a Circus Out There" by Kyle Levien:

Classical Piano Waltz Of Butterflies by MusicLFiles

Magic Relaxing Ambient by MusicLFiles

"Applause and whispering before jazz concert" by tom_woysky,

"Rifle Shots" by bananplyte,

"Revolver calibre 38 - vários disparos_01" by reishugo,