Monster Hour

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S2 E2 - Busted

June 28, 2022

First contact with the Bus does not go as planned. Duncan joins the search. Max takes a trip. Claire visits an old friend.

Content warnings: surreality, supernatural violence, vehicular violence, loud sound effects (13:10, 20:35, 47:50, 56:05)


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Absurdia by Quinn Majeski:

"Radio Somewhere" theme and original music by Kyle Levien:

Spooky Lullaby Loop by EdiKey20

Sound Effects from

"Bus door closing" by am7

"train door close 1a" by Yoyodaman234

"Renault Master F3500 dCi135 Foley Trunk Door Close Mono" by Soundholder

"Big Tree Fall in Forest" by Kinoton

"Whoosh_LargeVerb_ER_SFX_8" by

"Tree Squek" by EminYILDIRIM