Monster Hour

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S2 E4 - In Deep

July 26, 2022

From the recesses of Somewhere our trio plot their comeback. Claire goes for a spin cycle. Duncan has cellar’s remorse. Max rides the jellnado.

Content warnings: surreality, supernatural horror, loud sound effect (24:20), body horror and distortion, vocal distortion (53:25, 55:30, 58:10)


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Editing services provided by Ian Mauldin

"Radio Somewhere" theme and original music by Kyle Levien:

Spooky Lullaby Loop by EdiKey20

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"fax_machine_ring2" by nnus

"Fax Transmit, Beginning" by esplin9466

"Printer, Close, A" by InspectorJ

"cat_purr_pt1" by nicola_ariutti

"Cat Meowing" by lextrack

"Cat Meow" by christyboy100

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